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Notre Dame Grads Take on Entrepreneurship with Sleep Product

Jay Eichelberger (ND '14) and Liz Eichelberger (ND '13) are taking on entrepreneurship with their sleep aid product, Snoozeenie. The Snoozeenie is a "pillow partition" with a revolutionary design that allows you to create a more personal sleep space to block out light ("or morning breath!") without interfering with your normal sleeping position. It is perfect for those who share a bed or a room and want a little more privacy and a better night's sleep.

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Checking for Monsters: How to Help Scared Kids Fall Asleep

Image Source There is nothing like the imagination of a child. Couch cushions become stones floating on molten lava and tree branches become magic wands. However, there is a dark side to this imagination that manifests itself right around bedtime... It is incredibly common for young children to be scared of the dark or the faceless monsters beneath the bed--in fact, nearly every child will experience some sort of "night fright" in their younger years. As a guardian, how are you supposed to deal with this terror? Here is Snoozeenie's advice for "fighting monsters" and helping your little one fall asleep. 1. Don't tease them for being afraid. Listen and assure them of their safety. While it can be tempting to dismiss or giggle at "little kid...

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