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The Ultimate College Dorm Room Checklist

Congratulations! You are getting ready to move into your college dorm room--so exciting! However, all of that excitement is paired with the feeling of "Oh boy, I'm overwhelmed!" Well, we have you covered. Below you'll find an easy checklist that will make your dorm room shopping a breeze. --> Click HERE to download a printable version of the checklist. < -- THE ULTIMATE DORM ROOM CHECKLIST - BEDDING - PILLOWS & PILLOWCASES BED SHEETS (At least 2 sets) MATTRESS PAD (Dorm mattresses are notoriously uncomfortable) MATTRESS PROTECTOR SNOOZEENIE (Pillow partition that creates privacy, blocks light & allows for different sleep habits.) COMFORTER THROW BLANKET SMALL FAN (If your dorm doesn’t have AC, it will get hot at night!) - DINING - EATING UTENSILS...

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11 Thoughtful and Unique Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day 2017 is right around the corner, which begs the question: What are you supposed to get such a marvelous lady? Check out these unique, thoughtful gift ideas and get your awesome mom the gift she deserves! (1.) Does your mom love jewelry? Check out this Personalized Necklace. This delicate, personalized necklace from LEILAjewelryshop lets a mother wear her children's names close to her heart--what mom doesn't want that? (2.) Is your mom a fitness fiend? Gift her a ClassPass. If your mother loves to work out, a ClassPass is the gift that keeps on giving. A ClassPass allows you to attend UNLIMITED workout classes around your city for 30 days--your exercise-loving mom will definitely appreciate. (3.) Does your mom have trouble sleeping? Get a Snoozeenie!...

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Notre Dame Grads Take on Entrepreneurship with Sleep Product

It is often said that "if you snooze, you lose." Well, these two University of Notre Dame graduates respectfully disagree. Jay Eichelberger (ND '14) and Liz Eichelberger (ND '13) are taking on entrepreneurship with their sleep aid product, Snoozeenie. The Snoozeenie is a "pillow partition" with a revolutionary design that allows you to create a more personal sleep space to block out light ("or morning breath!") without interfering with your normal sleeping position. It is perfect for those who share a bed or a room and want a little more privacy and a better night's sleep. "I could have definitely used one while living in the dorms," says Liz, who lived in Lewis Hall during her time at Notre Dame. "I lived with...

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Checking for Monsters: How to Help Scared Kids Fall Asleep

Image Source There is nothing like the imagination of a child. Couch cushions become stones floating on molten lava and tree branches become magic wands. However, there is a dark side to this imagination that manifests itself right around bedtime... It is incredibly common for young children to be scared of the dark or the faceless monsters beneath the bed--in fact, nearly every child will experience some sort of "night fright" in their younger years. As a guardian, how are you supposed to deal with this terror? Here is Snoozeenie's advice for "fighting monsters" and helping your little one fall asleep. 1. Don't tease them for being afraid. Listen and assure them of their safety. While it can be tempting to dismiss or giggle at "little kid...

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College, Coors, and Catnaps: How to Get Better Sleep in College

Image Source Pulling an all-nighter before a killer exam, staying at a bar until closing, starting late-night Netflix marathons with your roommate... it's no wonder that college students are generally associated with exhaustion. While we all know how important sleep is in regards to health and stress levels, it can be incredibly difficult to manage a regular sleep schedule in college. What's a sleep-deprived college student to do? Check out Snoozeenie's tips on how to get better sleep in college: 1. Avoid excessive alcohol before bedtime. We know, we know... But it's college!! Nevertheless, too much alcohol wreaks havoc on your circadian rhythms and impacts sleep's effectiveness. You don't have to cut out alcohol all together, but try to stop drinking a few hours...

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