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Introducing Snoozeenie!

We are proud to introduce Snoozeenie®!
The revolutionary design allows you to block light, stifle sound and reduce the spread of germs without interfering with your normal sleeping position. Made from high-quality foam and covered in a luxurious (and washable) cover, Snoozeenie is perfect for those who share a bed or a room and want a little more privacy and a better night's sleep. 
It’s simple: open your flexible L-shaped Snoozeenie, place one foam side behind your pillow and allow the other side to stick out and serve as the plush partition. It can be placed either to the left or right—depending on which sleeper wants privacy for the night.
In the morning, you can fold Snoozeenie back up and place it behind your pillow until tomorrow night or open it all the way up to serve as a makeshift headboard.
It’s not just for sleep partners: Nosy roommate? Sun peeking through your windows? No problem, Snoozeenie can be placed on the outside of the bed as well. We have you covered!
(And peaking of covered--be sure to check out our personalized Snoozeenie cases and make the Snoozeenie your own!)
Stay tuned, folks. This is just the beginning!

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