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11 Thoughtful and Unique Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day 2017 is right around the corner, which begs the question: What are you supposed to get such a marvelous lady? Check out these unique, thoughtful gift ideas and get your awesome mom the gift she deserves!

(1.) Does your mom love jewelry? Check out this Personalized Necklace.

Personalized Necklace

This delicate, personalized necklace from LEILAjewelryshop lets a mother wear her children's names close to her heart--what mom doesn't want that?

(2.) Is your mom a fitness fiend? Gift her a ClassPass.

Classpass for Mother's Day

If your mother loves to work out, a ClassPass is the gift that keeps on giving. A ClassPass allows you to attend UNLIMITED workout classes around your city for 30 days--your exercise-loving mom will definitely appreciate.

(3.) Does your mom have trouble sleeping? Get a Snoozeenie!

Snoozeenie for Mother's Day Gift

Whether it's because your dad keeps her awake or she's just a light sleeper, a Snoozeenie will help your mom FINALLY get some good sleep--and probably make her laugh too!

(4.) Does your mom love wine? Try out a Wine of the Month Club Subscription.

A Wine of the Month Club Subscription will send new wines for your mom to try. There are tons of different packages to try (monthly, quarterly, etc.), so you can choose the membership that fits your budget.

(5.) Does your mom love chocolate? Order some Norman Love Chocolates!

Norman Love Chocolate

In our opinion, Norman Love makes the most artistic (and delicious) chocolates you can buy. They are a bit pricy, but the beautiful presentation and unique flavors make them 100% worth it. 

(6.) Is your mom artistic? Commission a Custom Family Portrait.

These custom family portraits from HenryJamesPaperGoods are absolutely lovely. Your mom will definitely cherish such a thoughtful gift!

(7.) Does your mom love sentimental gifts? Fill out this What I Love About Mom Book.

Your mom is guaranteed to treasure this "fill in the blank" book. Fill the pages with your favorite qualities of and experiences with your lovely mama.

(8.) Does your mom love to cook? Schedule a Cooking Classes from Sur La Table or Williams-Sonoma.


A cooking class is a great experiential gift for the mom who loves time in the kitchen. You can sign her up for a solo gig or make it a date for the two of you--either way, she'll have a great time!

(9.) Does your mom love to travel? Order a Scratch Off Map.

Scratch Off Map for Mother's Day 

This Scratch Off Map from KUULYS allows your mama to scratch off each state she visits. It's a great way to beautifully record her travels!

(10.) Does your mom love her dog? Get a Personalized Pet Portrait Mug.

How cute are these mugs from Evelyn Henson? Absolutely perfect for the mom who really loves her pet... and coffee too!

(11.) Does your mom drink tea? Sip on this Tea Drop Sampler!

This Tea Drop Sampler will let your mother sip on several different tea varieties without the need for any tea bags or infusers! Perfect to unwind after a long day.

Do you have any other Mother's Day gift ideas? Share below!


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