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Snoozeenie: The Must-Have Item for Successful Airbnb Properties

Every day, thousands and thousands of homeowners are listing their properties on Airbnb with varying degrees of success. The question is: what separates a lucrative “Superhost” from the run-of-the-mill lister? Oftentimes, the answer lies in the bedroom.

The bedroom is the most important room (and sometimes the only room) of an Airbnb property. It is absolutely crucial for your guests to feel at ease in this space; a good night’s sleep translates to a glowing online review. There are the absolute bedroom necessities (extra blankets, nightstand, fan, etc.) but homeowners need to anticipate their guests’ other needs.

Situation 1: A group of friends is staying at your property and some will have to share beds.

Situation 2: A small family is coming for vacation and their young children have to share a room.

Situation 3: One partner catches a cold on the plane and keeps sneezing in their wife’s face.

This is where Snoozeenie shines.

Snoozeenie is a plush pillow partition that blocks out light, unwanted faces, sneezes and more—without interfering with your normal sleeping position. It's the perfect addition to any Airbnb property because it allows guests to regain a sense of privacy in an unfamiliar sleeping environment.

Another bonus: it has a removable, washable case for easy cleaning! 

When you offer your guests a Snoozeenie, you are giving them their own private sleep sanctuary--whether it is to block out light, sneezes, younger siblings, whatever! In a way, you are turning one bedroom into TWO!

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Sweet dreams to both you and your guests!


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