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Checking for Monsters: How to Help Scared Kids Fall Asleep

Image Source There is nothing like the imagination of a child. Couch cushions become stones floating on molten lava and tree branches become magic wands. However, there is a dark side to this imagination that manifests itself right around bedtime... It is incredibly common for young children to be scared of the dark or the faceless monsters beneath the bed--in fact, nearly every child will experience some sort of "night fright" in their younger years. As a guardian, how are you supposed to deal with this terror? Here is Snoozeenie's advice for "fighting monsters" and helping your little one fall asleep. 1. Don't tease them for being afraid. Listen and assure them of their safety. While it can be tempting to dismiss or giggle at "little kid...

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College, Coors, and Catnaps: How to Get Better Sleep in College

Image Source Pulling an all-nighter before a killer exam, staying at a bar until closing, starting late-night Netflix marathons with your roommate... it's no wonder that college students are generally associated with exhaustion. While we all know how important sleep is in regards to health and stress levels, it can be incredibly difficult to manage a regular sleep schedule in college. What's a sleep-deprived college student to do? Check out Snoozeenie's tips on how to get better sleep in college: 1. Avoid excessive alcohol before bedtime. We know, we know... But it's college!! Nevertheless, too much alcohol wreaks havoc on your circadian rhythms and impacts sleep's effectiveness. You don't have to cut out alcohol all together, but try to stop drinking a few hours...

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The "Eat Well, Sleep Well" Diet

Trouble sleeping? The answer may be found in your diet! Our food choices, especially those closest to bedtime, directly impact our sleeping patterns--positively or negatively. Here are some suggestions on the food and drink you can incorporate into your diet to help you catch some more ZZZs. Snoozeenie's "Eat Well, Sleep Well" Diet 1. SLEEPY SUPPER Image Fish (especially Tuna) - Many types of fish--tuna, salmon, swordfish--are high in the vitamin B6, which plays an important role in creating sleep-powerhouse melatonin and serotonin. These hormones are vital in regulating the body's circadian rhythms and ensuring healthy, restorative sleeping habits. Eating foods high in this vitamin can help sleep come easier. Crab/Shrimp/Lobster - These crustaceans are jam-packed with tryptophan: an amino acid that is a precursor to melatonin and...

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Tips for Kids Sharing the Room

Whether it was decided in the name of sibling bonding or done out of sheer necessity, room-sharing can be a daunting and difficult transition. There are several factors to consider: age difference, gender, personality, and (of course) your own parental sanity. Here are some tips on how to keep the peace in a shared room: 1. Establish the bedtime rules from the beginning. First of all, set a time for the kids to be in their beds with lights out. Also, explain your expectations for this time: "staying up talking and giggling" versus "silence." Source Having a clear routine with rules will help foster harmony and, hopefully, prevent conflict due to differences in sleeping habits. This is especially important for younger children. That being said... 2. ... Make...

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How to Survive College Roommates

Image Source Whether you were already friends, connected online or were randomly assigned by a mysterious university computer system, college roommates are scary. What if you don't get along? What if they're messy?  Here are Snoozeenie's tips for how to survive your college roommate. #1 REACH OUT (BEYOND PURE LOGISTICS) BEFORE MOVE-IN. No matter how you slice it, contacting your college roommate before meeting is awkward. Image Source However, beyond organizing who brings what, it is an opportunity to learn a little bit about one another: What do they do for fun? Where are they from? Will they appreciate your Star Wars poster? Opening communication can help ease some tensions before you move-in together.  Also, after reaching out on Facebook, we recommend giving...

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