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Product FAQ

  • Is the Snoozeenie case washable?
    • Yes! Just be sure to follow the directions on the care tag: Machine wash in warm water, tumble dry on a low setting and remove promptly from the dryer.
  • Do you take returns?
  • Can I put the Snoozeenie in my baby's crib?
    • NO! Snoozeenie is only recommended for children 5 and up. It is not intended for use in cribs or play pens. For full details, see our warning label on our packaging.
  • What are the dimensions of Snoozeenie?
    • Snoozeenie is 16" tall, 24" long and 5" wide when folded. When opened all the way (Snoozeenie opens a full 180 degrees!), Snoozeenie is 48" long.
  • Will my pillow cases at home be able to cover my Snoozeenie?
    • Snoozeenie is a unique size to better block light and stifle sound--which means it is even larger than the standard king size pillow! Lucky for you, we have cases that are just the right size. Go check out our great selection of cases in our online store.
  • Will I be charged sales taxes on my purchase?
    • Sales tax will only be collected on shipments to Georgia (no hard feelings, Georgia... we're from there!). Otherwise, we are tax-free in the other 49 states!
  • Will Snoozeenie tip over while I am sleeping?
    • No. A Snoozeenie is placed in an L-shape with one side behind the pillow and other side will be between the sleepers. It is very stable due to its unique soft hinge and will not tip over as one side of the Snoozeenie is placed between headboard (or wall) and pillow. Due to this unique design, it can also be used on outer edge of bed for privacy in a shared room setting such as a dorm room and will not fall out of the bed.
  • Where is the Snoozeenie made?
    • It is proudly made in the USA!
    • Why are you so awesome?
      • We just are, friend. We just are.